My name is Anne and I work for Operation Mobilisation in South Africa. Through this website I will try to keep you updated about the work that I'm doing.

Lock down experiences

Lock down experiences

This blog is long overdue. I wanted to post this blog 2/3 weeks ago, but for some reason I failed to start writing. Now it is time to update you guys about my work here in Mamelodi. At the moment that I write this blog we are 58 days in lock down, but our programs are already closed for 65 days. It still feels strange that there are no kids running around this place, but we haven’t been sitting still. Read the rest of the blog to find out what I’ve been up to.

Durban outreach

Past few weeks I was on an outreach to Durban. I have a lot of experiences I want to share with you all. Read all about it in the next blog!

Giving Bibleclass

Tshega outreach

This blog is talking about all my amazing adventures during the Tshega outreach.

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