The good samaritan

Last weekend was one of those weekends that was just really busy. I was really relieved that I didn’t really had to do something on the Sunday. This Sunday there would be a Christmas celebration in church and one of the local volunteers was going to go with us, so we left early for Church. What happened next I couldn’t have predicted. The Story looks like the story of the good Samaritan, but this time it’s real life.

Me and my friend were on our way to Church when we saw a woman lying on the road. First we didn’t really know what was going on, but we decided to stop either way. We were wondering why the lady was crying on the road and decided to check out what it was. Luckily the volunteer was already in the car so he could do the translation between English and Sepedi.

The woman on the floor was a 25 year old lady who was on her way to work. In our community a lot of people are dependent on the Taxi’s who drive them to work. She was also in a taxi when she had to change taxi. She asked the driver to stop the Taxi, but he refused to do so. Which meant that she had to jump out of the taxi, while it was still driving (apparently this happens more often with taxi’s in Mamelodi). Because the Taxi was driving on a high speed, she fell on the hard asphalt. Which caused a lot of injuries on her left side and on her head.

We decided that we couldn’t just leave her there, but that we had to help her. We helped her up and in our car. She also injured her leg, so we really had to help her get to the car. We drove to the local hospital, where we took her to the ambulance entrance (which the security sent us to).

Foto: Thobile Mathonsi/African News Agency (ANA)

When we were in the hospital we decided, after asking the lady, to stay there until her family would arrive. I hadn’t been in this hospital before and we did stand out. Since this is the hospital in Mamelodi we were the only white people around. Upon arrival we got screened for Covid-19 after which the lady got checked how serious her injuries were and then the time of waiting started. After our first wait she got ‘checked in’ and we moved to a ward. On this ward were a lot of different people with injuries from a broken arm until very serious injuries. This was very hard for me to see this many people on one ward.

Luckily, the family of the lady arrived shortly after we arrived on the ward, and I could say goodbye to her. Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened with the lady and what type of injuries she got from her jump. But I believe that God sent us at that time to that place to be there to help her out. God had a plan with this. When we arrived she was there already some time, but nobody bothered to stop until we got there. In the hospital people were amazed that we put this much effort in her, even though we didn’t know her. That we stayed with her until her family was there. I really believe that we were able to show God’s love for this woman by our actions. And I pray that she will love God with all her heart.

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