Durban outreach

Last few weeks I was on outreach to Durban. This outreach was all about world religions, what means that we got to know more about the different world religions. We got divided into 5 teams. Each team got connected to one of the churches in Durban. I got the privilege to be team leader of the only all girls team. In the beginning I was unsure if I was the right person and if I could do it, but when the week went on I really enjoyed being a team leader.

We got dropped off at our host family. This family was very nice to us, they did everything for us. They even gave us their beds to sleep in & slept on the couches themselves. This meant that we got two bedrooms with 2 twin beds where we slept in with 5 girls. Our host made amazing food, which sometimes was a bit spicy but other then that it was amazing. I was very grateful that there was enough yoghurt to eat on the side.

We did a lot of things in Durban; our biggest task was to support the local church in their work. This meant that we did the whole Sunday service. We showed the church more about the different ways Christmas is celebrated around the world. Next to that we had the opportunity to share something about the least reach. I played a Christian from Nigeria. The story was about a 20-year old girl who faces persecution. It was really good to see how the church reacted to the service and that the people really wanted to pray for the least reached.

The rest of the weeks we sang a lot of Christmas carols. We sang them in the hospital and at the back of a pick-up. This was very nice to do, I really liked it! Some church members helped us with the singing which was very nice to do. Next to that we had the opportunity to help the church packing and handing out food packages.

Next to these practical things we had the privilege to tell something about missions on the radio. We told something about our time here in South Africa and about what we want to do after MDT. It was very exciting for me to talk on the radio, I have never done it before and now I am in a foreign country talking on the radio about missions! Who would have thought that?!

During this outreach I learned a lot about myself, but also about God. As a group we decided to start every morning with prayer and worship. We really saw God work during these moments. For instance, every morning someone stood up with a headache or stomach ache, but after we prayed for them it was gone. We also noticed that everyone on the street could hear us sing and really listened to what we were singing even tough we were not in a Christian community. During this outreach I learned that God gives us more then we ask for. We thought to be a blessing for the community in Durban, but it ended up that we felt more blessed than ever before. We felt especially blessed by all the nice people from the church. They worked together to bless us. It was nice to see that they were a church that looked after each other and their community. They really are a light in their neighbourhood, which was really nice to see.

To summarize, I had a really nice outreach in which I learned a lot. I learned more about God and about leadership. I saw God moving in the community and in the lives around us. Even though it was quite a busy time, I didn't want to leave Durban. These people and the city itself got a special place in my heart and I hope that one day I can meet all these people again.

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