Tshega outreach

The past 2 weeks we were on an outreach to Tshega, Tzaneen. Tshega is an organisation that focuses on 5 pillars, namely education, outreach, ministry, sport and sustainability. Tshega has a school where vulnerable children are able to get an good education. Next to the school they have several projects in the neighbourhood around them. Among others they have a feeding scheme and they do evangelism activities in the area. Next to this they have a project for women, this project will help the women to gain practical skills. These women also get money for the work they do, with this money they can provide for their families and sent their kids to school. It's so amazing to see what Tshega is doing for the neighbourhood and for the children.

During this outreach we were not allowed to use our phones. They did this so that we could really focus on the outreach and get to know our teammates better. During this outreach we helped with the projects at Tshega. I really enjoyed singing with the children. It started during the assembly in the beginning of the week. I did the assembly of the kindergarten kids; these kids are between the 18 months and 6 years old. I started singing 'If you're happy and you know it clap your hands' and the kids loved it! Every time they saw me, they wanted me to sing the song. During our 2 weeks there I repeated this song a lot of times!

Next to the assembly, I also gave 2 bible classes. I had the opportunity to join the youngest kids (18 months to 3 years), I really loved it! These kids listened really well to the stories I was telling them. They also loved to sing a lot of songs, so I sang a lot of songs with them during the bible classes.

Next to our work in the school, we also played with the children in a local church. The first 40 kids were able to get food, but the rest of the kids could only play with us because the food was empty. During the time we had with the kids we played a lot of soccer with them. The only problem I had was that I couldn't really see which kids where in my team and which kids where in the other team, so I ended up just kicking the ball to the other side of the field hoping that the right kid got the ball.

We also helped a local church with their kidsministry. The church expected around 40 kids to the program, but is ended up to be a little bit more, we had around 200 kids in the church. I had the privilege to work with the 40! 6-year olds, these kids where amazing. They were really enjoying themselves. They started with colouring, but at the end they were a little bored, so I started to play a game with them. They needed to stand when the music was playing and sit down when the music stopped. This was a lot of fun to do, they really loved the music!

Next to all the kids ministry we also learned some practical skills. We took a first aid class, learned the basics about car maintenance and how we can cook with things out of nature. We also learned how to make a fishing rod and where we can find worms to fish with. I actually caught a fish!

We also did some practical chores for the school. We helped at Basadi (the woman programme) with some orders they needed to make and we also painted one of the containers of the school. I really enjoyed my time in Tzaneen. I loved to walk through the neighbourhood and invite people to come to the crusade. But above all, I loved the kids that I came in contact with, they really inspired me because of their smiles. Although they didn't have a lot, they still enjoyed live. The only thing that was hard to see, was that kids where afraid to get abducted. This is something that happens a lot in the community what makes it difficult for kids to walk alone in the streets. I want to ask you to pray with us for more safety in the community so that people don't have to be afraid to walk on the streets.

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